Welcome to Bethel Independent Methodist Church, Wigan. We are a community church in Wigan, renowned for its wonderful singing, where you are assured of a warm and friendly welcome. Midweek activities include Ladies Fellowship, Choir, House Groups and Fellowship meetings. 

We have two services on a Sunday; the morning service at 10:45am and the evening service at 6:00pm. We also have a Communion Service on the 1st Sunday in the month at the evening service and the 3rd Sunday in the month at the morning service.

A Message of Joy for March 2021

A Message of Encouragement for February 2021

A Message of Hope for January 2021

COVID 19 UPDATE – 5th January 2021

Following the announcement of another national lockdown, we have taken the decision to close the church until further notice.

If you are in need of any kind, please make contact through our website, Facebook page, or by phone/text to 07897 335036. Please stay safe and well during this difficult time.

Baptism at Bethel

I cannot recall an adult baptism in the 31 years I have been attending Bethel Church in Newtown,  Wigan. So it was a great privilege for me, as a training Minister, to baptise Emmy Knowles on Sunday 6th December,  the day we re-opened after the second lockdown (Covid guidance followed).

Emmy was never baptised or dedicated as a child, nor was she brought up in church, but she always believed in God. It was about a year ago that Emmy gave her life to Jesus. When she moved to Wigan a few months ago, Emmy found herself directly across the road from us, and joined our fellowship.

This baptism was an exciting and very special occasion for the church family and an enormous step for Emmy on her journey as she made a public profession of her faith in God the Father,  Son and Holy Spirit.

As it was also the second Sunday in Advent, during the service we considered the Advent themes of Hope, Joy, Love and Peace and how these linked to repentance, forgiveness and faith. Following the sacrament of baptism, we then shared in the Communion service together.

Emmy is a nurse in a care home, which is so very difficult at the moment but her dedication is admirable.  We pray God’s continued blessing on her life as she continues to faithfully serve Him.

Repent and be baptised, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ,  for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. ”  (Acts 2:38)

1607295742324_Emmy being Baptised -IMG_10731607295737936_Emmy being Baptised - IMG_107120201206_230501

Shoeboxes 2020

For several years now we have sent shoeboxes to Eastern Europe and this year, although being hampered by the ‘lockdown’, it wasn’t going to stop us! With such a desperate need we know that the Covid virus has made things so much worse for these poor families. These shoebox gifts are likely to be the only Christmas gifts some of these families and children will receive this year.
Also, for the first time, this year we supported Shoe Aid Uk. In the UK alone, 200 thousand homeless people do not have sufficient footwear, and 4 million children have ill-fitting shoes; worldwide 1.5 billion have no shoes at all. Shoe Aid UK sanitize these shoes, clean them, pair them, box them and deliver them to those in need. All we had to do was go through our cupboards and bring our many unwanted shoes in to church.
Photos show Brian’s car loaded up and ready to take 50 shoeboxes and a mountain of shoes to the Rotary Club to be passed on. Our thanks go also to Mount Zion Church at Pemberton for their sterling effort in filling 30 shoeboxes in 2 weeks!
Shoes for Shoe Aid UKShoebox Appeal

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you to everyone who filled a Shoebox this year. Pity our collection of these was cut short by lockdown but I managed to get 66 in total, which were sent to Rotary’s new warehouse in Oldham for delivery to Eastern Europe. Our Mount Zion Church did an outstanding 30 boxes in just 2 weeks. Well done – that was amazing!
    Thanks also for all those who emptied their wardrobes of old shoes (and some new ones, never been worn!) We collected a large car full – too many to count! They will shortly be picked up with lots more collected by Leigh Rotary. Shoe Aid UK will be very grateful for these, so thanks again!


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